Image by John Schnobrich

Holy Moly Pandemic!

I didn't see that one coming. Did you?

This has been one heck of a year! As we quickly approach the Bare Bar's one year anniversary (Est. May 11th 2020, only 50 days later then planned, Thanks a lot Pandemic), I cant help but reflect on what I've learned this past year. However instead of focusing to much on the struggles this year has thrown our way. We want to focus on all the amazing opportunities we have had this past year meeting all of you who have continued to show your love and support through trying times nonetheless and returning each month helping our baby grow.

We have had many awesome Bare Babes come and go. Each leaving their own unique print on our first year in biz.

Thank you so Freaking much for showing up to the studio each month and sharing what you've been doing during a pandemic! Some of your stories have been funny, exciting, adventurous, others heavy, heart breaking and flat out EMOTIONAL. Still I have truly enjoyed building connections in this community like never before in my 7 years in this industry and it is a true treasure... Here is to a hopeful 2021!

P.S. You never know what doors kindness alone can open for you. So after the year we just had, lets breath through the hard times and dance like there's live music again to all the rest !

 xo, Ash

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