Wax Appointment


Cancellation Policy

We kindly ask that all cancellations be made 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for your service fee. If we are unable to charge you for the  missed service you will be asked to make a payment before your able to visit the studio again. Online bookings will no longer be available to you, in addition to you becoming a walk in only client. You may cancel or reschedule through email, voicemail or a simple phone call. Listen we know life happens and sometimes emergency may arise and we can be flexible, however  it is very hard to fill last minute no shows and will charge 100% of the service price.


 Late Appointment Arrivals

If you (Client) are more then five minutes late to your appointment time the appointment may not be held for you. It is at the estheticians' discretion to try to get you in if time allows. We can not guarantee that there will be enough time to give you a thorough service due to booking constraints. If time does not allow us to provide you with the full service requested we may try to offer alternative services or get you re-booked for another time. Please be mindful and realize if we can no longer accommodate your appointment it is not because we do not want to but rather because time won't allow us to give you the service at our standards.