Open Book



Privacy & Safety

All credit card payments will be made through a third party service provider, Phorest Pay . Phorest Pay provides industry leading security with PCI- compliant systems. Your payment information will not be saved without your prior authorization. Our clients privacy is of the highest importance to us so rest assured that your personal information will not be sold and is strictly used for The Bare Bar purposes only.


Customer Care
We want you to be happy with every service performed by our highly talented esthetician's. With that being said sometimes we don't get what we were wanting or expecting. If your not happy with a service provided by us, please don't hesitate to give us a call so we can better assist you with your needs. We are happy to and want to earn your confidence in exceptional services


All services over $50 will be required to have a card on file and will be charged 50% of the service price if a no show occurs.  We give all clients the opportunity to explain the absence until the end of the business day. If no explanation is received, the appointment will be considered a no show and the card and file will be charged.

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards  - Invoice - Cash is Accepted