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  • Can I wax during pregnacy?
    It is generally considered safe to wax during your pregnacy. Your hormones are in over drive so you might want to wax more regularly.
  • Do you use hard or strip wax?
    We use both hard and strip wax. However, we only use hard wax for ears and nose services. We prefer strip wax for a combination of reasons. We feel that it helps exfoliate the skin as well as removes the unwanted hair. It also allows for faster waxing which means less time in the room for you.
  • Why is waxing better then Shaving?
    When you shave, your cutting the hair at the surface of the skin.This usally only leaves your skin smooth for a short period of time. When you wax, you are removing the entire hair shaft root and all. This leaves your skin feel smooth much longer with out stubble. If your a regular waxer over time your hair will grow back thinner and finer.
  • How long does it last?
    This varies from person to person. Typically we ask our clients to return in 4- 6 weeks . We all have three different stages of hair growth and we want to to get them all. The best way to stay on a good routine is to prebook your next appointment in advance. Your estheitician will be able to recommed the best time for your specific hair growth.
  • I use Retin A/ Defferin/Tri-luma/ Tretinoin/ Obagi/ Hydroquinone/Accutane Can I wax still?
    Clients that use Accutane/Isotretinin CANNOT wax for a minum of six months after use of these products can cause the skin to lift and have unsitly skin irrations. However if you are using topical creams you can wax if you discontinue use for a week prior and after your waxing services.
  • How long should my hair be?
    A good rule of thumb is the size of a grain of rice or a half inch. For most people this means two weeks after shaving. hair that is to short or to long may not have the best results.
  • Can I tan?
    You should refrain from tanning 48 hours before and after being waxed.
  • Can I wax while menstruating ?
    Yes you can. We tend to be most sensitive a week prior and while menstruating, however all of our pain tolerances are different. We recommend taking ibuprofen for some pain relief and a hot shower to loosen the follicle.
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