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Meet Your Esthetician


Ashlie Ordonez 

Never be afraid to try something new,

because life gets boring

when you stay within the limits

of what you already know.


Favorite Services to Provide:

Brazilians + Lash lifts + Micro-Needling

I've been in the industry since 2014 and absolutely love what I do.  I'm eager to learn more about my craft and to help and watch others do the same. To call this a career seems like I'm shortening the importance of what I do + my passion for the industry. Aesthetics opens so many doors even ones that you're not expecting. For me it has grown into an opportunity to empower young women to feel and look their best. but also, to chase after their career + personal goals as well. I always feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I see that I've made an impact on a client + co-worker in that way. It's important to me to build lasting relationships based on communication + trust which go hand in hand. 

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