DIY Face Mask

Lets keep each other safe

 We ask that if you have any Covid , Flu, or cold like symptoms that you refrain from coming to the studio.

Please reschedule appointments 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for your service fee. If we are unable to charge you for the  missed service you will be asked to make a payment before your able to visit the studio again. Online bookings will no longer be available to you, in addition to you becoming a walk in only client.

Sanitize your hands upon arrival and maintain 

6 feet between you and other clients this will still help you feel safe during peek hours.

It is Never appropriate to ask anyone if they have been vaccinated. 

Masks are Optional. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask during your services we have them available for you and completely support you doing so.

We still ask that you come to your appointment alone.

 It is highly encouraged to plan ahead and book appointments online.


Please do not bring children with you to your appointment.

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Ashlie Ordonez 
Lead Esthetician /Owner

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Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.


Favorite Services To Provide:

Brazilians + Lashlifts + Micro-Needling

I've been in the industry since 2014 and absolutely love what I do.  I'm eager to learn more about my craft and to help and watch others do the same. To call this a career seems like I'm shortening the importance of what i do + my passion for the industry. Aesthetics opens so many doors even ones that your not expecting. For me it has grown into an opportunity to empower young women to not only  feel and look their best. but also to chase after their career + personal goals as well. I always feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I see that I've made an impact on a client + co-worker in that way. Its important to me to build lasting relationships based on communication  + trust which go hand in hand  -Ashlie

Tropical Leaves
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Jessie LaCrue   

 Cosmetologist / Coordinating Manger

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 "Judge nothing and you'll be happy. Forgive everything and you'll be happier, Love everything and you will be the happiest!"

Favorite Service To Provide:



I have a four year background in retail management before becoming a stay at home mother which has been extremely fulfilling. Although I'm ready to jump back into the industry to help women feel and look their best. I have a passion for body positivity and helping women own their look no matter what size, shape, or form. Self-love is the best love, building my personal character through open minded conversations and openness to change. During the summer I enjoy paddle boarding and camping and would rather do something active outdoors than be inside. - Jessie 


Tropical Leaves
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Sam Billingham   

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 " Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"

- Coco Chanel

Favorite Service To Provide:

Facials  + Lashes + Brows


I entered the esthetics world because I believe in self care, and self confidence. My goal for every service is to make you feel better than you did when you came in. I am always trying to advance my education so I can offer the service that I think would be best for your skin  specifically. Your service is 100% about you, so if you want to chat about the latest Netflix series, chances are I have already finished it, or if you want to take an hour to be completely relaxed in silence that is perfectly fine with me too. I love movies and docu-series. I love my dog more than anything. I spend a lot of time reading and spending quality time with my loved ones. I was born and raised in the Denver area, so if you're new to town ask me about my favorite spots!


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